Destinations - Asia


Every group we’ve taken to Vietnam has raved about the place. It’s a real find. It’s also not yet too developed so get in while it’s still like that. Our guests have been genuinely enthralled by such things being a moped pillion passenger engulfed by the endless waves of local riders on the streets of Saigon or Hanoi… not for the faint hearted but something you’d never ordinarily do. Fire an AK47 rifle on the Mekong Delta, hear a Vietnam soldier’s perspective of the war over lunch after visiting the Cu Chi tunnels, wake up to the serenity and majestic beauty of Halong Bay on a luxury vessel, then be amazed by the most incredible cave dinner you’ll experience anywhere in the world. Vietnam’s a winner as well as being FANTASTIC value for money. Be surprised and very impressed by Vietnam


This crossroads of Asia has undergone a real metamorphosis in recent times with the development of the ultra modern Marina Mirage area. The city really looks very futuristic now. Hang out at any of the funky new rooftop bars, play an international cricket match against Singapore on the Panang, bumboat to dinner as the lazer show strikes out into the night sky, then relax in the sun at your private beach bar on Sentosa Island. The Super Tree park is like no-where else on earth and an amazing venue. Singapore really has come into its own. Ultra modern and going places.


Hong Kong never sleeps and nor will you with the amazing adventures on hand. The best place to get a feel for the city is on the harbour where the skyscrapers stand up from the water like giant light splattered monaliths. Hong Kong food is delicious and there is no shortage of spectacular venues to take in the cityscape. Try the cog rail train with spectaular mountaintop view, or China as a day trip is a short train journey away as is Macau by fast hydrofoil. The busy modern city is contrasted by the peace and tranquillity of an old fishing village where no-one seems in a hurry. The mythical, the miraculous, the mystical await you each day.


India will take your breath away with its vibrant colours and stunning experiences. Stand before the Taj Mahal in the morning then luxuriate in palacial surroundings drinking chilled champagne that same night. Where else could you start the chukka in your own private elephant polo match, then go on to ride in a genuine royal procession of 100 elephants, camels and horse riders through city streets concluding with dinner in the private home of a Maharaja. Ordinary visitors cannot buy these special Indian experiences. So take on the unexpected.


This exciting frontier has offered so much for our incentive groups. Picture yourself sipping champagne atop the Great Wall, or strolling the giant dimensions of Tiananmen Square, bartering in the markets for tailor made clothes or bouncing through the historic streets on a traditional trishaw. Have your lunch interrupted by a kung fu fighting waiters or dine in real style where world presidents have been before you. Experience China’s combination of culture, history with unique experiences.


Japan is very different but very exciting, thriving on a contrast of modern & traditional. It has the power to enthral even the most experienced traveller. Tokyo’s energy, sounds and vibrant lights is like stepping out of a time capsule into a future world. Kyoto contrasts with its peacefulness, recognised over centuries as the Imperial home.  For interactive fun try sumo wrestling, attend Ninja training or dress up in traditional costume. And savouring the delight of Japanese food is yet another reason to visit. Japan is a country that will leave you intrigued.