Destinations - Europe


There are just so many options from exotic cruises around the Greek Islands, to sampling French wine & fromage beneath Parisís ancient burial catacombs. How about a private dinner on the actual rugby ground at Stade du France in Paris? Have your very own French provincial chateau complete with boar hunt, luxuriate in a 300 year old Turkish bath, burn off some energy on an Austrian bobsled luge, fly by helicopter to your private waterfront dinner venue in Monaco, own the top strut of Tower Bridge in London for an awards dinner or take a private grandstand at the finish of Tour de France. Maybe tour Rome on the back of a vespa as your driver manoeuvres you through the bustling crowds, or honour the fallen at Gallipoli. Europe has it all.


‘Mystery inside an enigma’ remains a perfect description of Russia. A composite of the extravagant glories of old Russia with the beautiful historic sights of St Basil and the Kremlin meet the suave new modern Russia of today where you’ll find yourself in some of the world’s most sophisticated bars & restaurants. We’ve had groups inside a Russian spaceship and lunching with a cosmonaut. But perhaps you’d prefer to drive a real Russian tank or trade secrets with a KGB agent?  Experience historic splendour wrapped in flamboyance.