Destinations - South America


South America is hot – all the way from the electric passion of dance, to the sizzling beaches of Rio. Be the cameo dancing star of a tango stage show in Buenos Aires or match it with  Gauchos on horseback at the cattle ranch. Para-pent off Sugar Loaf Mountain or join the Carioca dancers at your private Carnival party as they take your breath away with their most glamorous and flamboyant costumes of feathers & sparkles. We’ll have you hand fish for piranhas in the Amazon or take a night canoe safari through the rainforest rivers searching for alligators and anacondas. The sight and sound of Iguazu Falls is mind blowing. Come shop for silver in Cuzco or stand atop Machu Picchu and marvel at this true wonder of the world. South America is still undiscovered & so a real surprise package.


Cuba is on the cusp of being discovered so what better time to visit. The country has existed away from capitalist influences since the 1960’s so there is a naturalness and openness in the people that resonates with old attitudes of trust and contentedness. The architecture, as pretty as it once was, has been a bit beaten up by the ravages of time, but with reconstruction and restoration underway the facades and features will slowly return to their former glory. Music is life in Havana so if fantastic bars, old American cars and massive cigars are your thing then you must put Cuba on your list.