Destinations - South Pacific


Fiji is the number one conference & incentive destination from New Zealand. This perpetual winner is perfect for that 3 hour flight escape to the sun, avoiding NZís winter. Imagine chartering your own 72 person cruise ship, partying on your own private Island or hosting dinner on the beach beneath the stars. Helicopter over the mountains ranges, jetboat the Sigotoka River, or snorkel the shallow reefs in clear warm water. Relax with a cocktail and listen to the soothing melody of Fijian serenaders.. until the Fiji police marching band come out of the dark and gatecrash your tranquillity. Fiji works so well every single time.  Say Bula to Fiji every year!


It is one of the only places on the planet that actually looks as good in real life as it does in the postcards, it’s stunning. And being only 5 hours away you can be lying on the white sand beaches and snorkelling in stunningly clear water very soon after leaving NZ. We’ll set up brunch with your table set up in the ocean, water lapping at your feet. You’ll be feeding stingrays by hand and interacting at close quarters with dolphins. Why not have your own  private Bora Bora island where everything is included, or skim across the shallow reef around Moorea in an open boat as the guitar strums and the cocktails flow! You can very easily make the Tahitian dream come true.