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GO Conference & Incentive
GO Conference & Incentive
GO Conference & Incentive
GO Conference & Incentive
GO Conference & Incentive

Incentive Design

Concept development

So you know you want to put an incentive programme in place but are not sure how to go about it. What options do you have? Who should you talk to? Wonder no more, just pick up the phone.


Corporate conferences can also be exciting and fun events. Why settle for the standard boring business session when with a bit of creative incentive-style thinking you can turn it into an awesome experience instead! We’ll deliver a short weekend corporate trip to Queenstown or a totally WOW incentive travel experience in London.

Design options

Programme development styles can cover:

  • Tiered travel programmes
  • A mix of team and individual participation
  • Focus on key customer loyalty
  • Leads generation
  • Staff motivation
  • A conference / incentive mix
  • Dealership / key personnel relationship building
  • Incremental business

Does size matter?

50 delegates or 500, Auckland or London, a conference as part of an incentive trip or on its own – it matters little, we manage all these for you.


After 20 years we’ve found some pretty amazing experiences around the world. That’s where our experience delivers you what you a very special WOW in New Zealand and around the world.

The Un-conventional

  • Cruising
    All inclusive, certainly different, and a new venue each day without unpacking! Kiwi corporates love cruising as an incentive experience.
  • Club Med
    Being inclusive it's a good budgeting option – that’s onsite activities, drinks, meals and conference equipment all part of the price.
  • Sports events
    As an added incentive, run your conference on the back of a major world class events such as the Bledisloe Cup Rugby, Melbourne Cup, Theatre Shows, Hong Kong Sevens, Music Concerts, Rio Carnival or the Wimbledon Tennis.