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Like most Pacific Islands, in Samoa no one is in a hurry, however things still get done. The locals are friendly and offer welcoming waves and a broad grin as you pass by. The roads are littered with pot holes so getting about is slow… but who’s in a hurry anyway. And despite what little they have, the local villages and houses are proudly presented.

My very first visit was when the All Blacks went across to play Manu Samoa in rugby. Every village was decorated with AB’s & Manu Samoa flags……….needless to say when I visited again 4 months later the flags were still up. The Samoans are not letting go of their success in getting the All Blacks to come to Apia, and want to make sure everyone knows it!

If you are going to explore around the main island allow way more time than you first think as Upulo is bigger than people expect. Also a combination of uneven roads and low speed limits makes for a slower journey.

I visited the local markets in Apia township, where you can buy any coloured lava lava, any sized tanoa bowl, wooden knick knack of any kind and even school uniforms. For the health conscious know that a bite to eat from the market food hall will mean only fried food.

A tour around Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is a must. The guides are extremely informative and most of all so passionate. The tour last for about 45mins, but goes by very quickly, as they walk you through the property where the family resided. With more time I would have walked up to Robert’s gravesite which is located on the mountain above the homestead. Good walking shoes and no urgency for time are required to make this trek.

The famous and well photographed To Sua Ocean trench is a beautiful swimming spot, interestingly located right in the middle of a family’s garden. The precarious long ladder down is steep and slippery in some places so not for the faint hearted, but the reward of a refreshing dip was well worth the effort. The ocean currents can draw through the trench and depending on the tide the water may also be deep in some areas so care is required. The land owners have very kindly erected a platform and guide rope in the water, so you have something to hold onto whilst frolicking about.

Piula cave pools are slightly closer to Apia. A little less spectacular, but if time is not on your side, it’s a nice alternative. Many private homes boast natural attractions such as waterfalls & water holes, all charging a small cash fee to enter. So you do have a few cooling off spots to choose from as you drive around the island.

Food overall if pretty good, they make the most of what produce they grow. There are handful of good restaurants scattered around Apia and hotels offer quality cuisine. Local “must try” foods are Palusami, which is divine - a combination of taro leaves cooked with coconut cream. Oka l’a is a delicious raw fish marinated in onions, lemon juice, salt and coconut cream. And then finally the whole roasted suckling pig, with loads of crackling is a definite go to.

As my stay was short, I did not managed to get to any of the outer islands, as would of liked to have gone over to Savaii ……. maybe I will save that for my next visit.

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