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As the song goes…….”music and passion were always in fashion at the Copa…..they fell in love” and so will you with this sensational, and soon to be much-more-accessible, part of the world for us Kiwis. (New Air New Zealand services to South America from December 2015)

Rio De Janeiro excites with a tantalising blend of exotic teasers … during the day the wide beaches are the playground (and showground) for the myriad of fit bronzed bods. Then when the sun goes down everything cranks up a gear. Visualise the unmistakable beat of Samba pulsating the night air, but here in Rio it’s imbibed it with a liberable hit of Caipirinha to really get things swinging … this place really is alive at night… it’s got energy.. you WILL fall in love.

For those who find all this excitement & exercise just too exhausting, simply sit back, slide off your Havaianas,  and relax… people watching is a national pastime in Brazil, it’s just part of the culture. 

One gracious treat is to be pampered by your hotel wait staff providing “beach service” in a private beachfront area.   Slide into your comfortable lounger as your beach butler meticulously sets up your towel, cold water and refreshing snacks.  Hey if you are going to spot eye candy then why not do it in alt.  You also don’t need to take much, as you can pretty much buy anything you want from the roaming vendors

Alternatively you can sit for hours at any of the simple eateries along Copacabana or Ipanema Beaches, you won’t get bored because there is just too much to take in.

As if ripped from a circus, street entertainers will perform unannounced for you, anticipating your reward with a few coins for their skills.   Body proud Brazilians work out religiously right on the beach. No air conditioned comfort here. Instead there are numerous outdoor gyms and exercise classes with instructors knocking out the best from their hard working participants… all day, every day.     

Football, volleyball and foot volley players litter the beach, weaved in amongst the many joggers, skaters and bike riders – everyone makes full use of exercise pathways along Copacabana beach. 

Strategically placed along the way are what we would think are just advertising boards, but they serve a dual purpose:- there is a little button on the side and when pressed cold mist is expelled to cool you down, - now that’s “upstairs for thinking”, as temperatures can reach the high 30’s early 40’s in the peak of summer. 

Something that does come as a surprise in a country that we relate to living and breathing the thong/“g-string”, is that local will tell you they absolutely hate wearing them!

Brazilian food is fantastic.  Their famous churrascaria alt meat service off long skewers is a show stopper, however, Rio also caters well for the non-red meat eaters and vegetarians too!    Their national drink is the Caipirinha, affectionately called “rocket fuel” …. the first mouthful will knock the tastebuds about a bit, but from there it’s all plain sailing into a South American happy place!

My favourite attraction has to be touring the Favelas (Slums) by open top jeep.  This adventure gives a great insight into how so many people in Rio live, in very basic houses clinging precariously to the side of the mountain, all with million dollar views.  A highlight of the tour is to visit one of the local homes to see for yourself.  These tours are well controlled, you can only enter with an approved guide, so it is all very well monitored & safe.

It goes without saying you must visit Christ the Redeemer.   You feel a sense of enlightenment when you are up there.   It can get a bit hectic with the crowds, but it is definitely a must do.  If you can’t cope with the last few steps leading up, there is a lift and elevator to take you up to the statue.

Sugar Loaf is also definitely worth the crowds and effort.   For those who are scared of heights, claim middle ground in the cable car as yours and save your view until you get to the top.   The cable cars can hold up to 65-70 people at a time, and are smooth and quick, so you are up there before you know it.

Dancing is quite simply part of life here, with bars and clubs filled to the brim each night.   Rio boasts one of the Top 10 Bars & Clubs in the world, which is a must visit on any itinerary.   The venue is set over 3 floors and to see the interior décor alone is worthwhile.   It’s not your typical club with “doof doof” house music, its live Brazilian jazz infused samba… all very appealing.

Carnaval is normally staged in February, which means it is exciting as well as manic in the city at that time of the year.   The locals are just as crazy for this event as the visitors.  The costumes are beautiful, the dancing is spectacular and the competition is fierce.

I love this part of the world, and even after 14 visits never tire of it.   Rio also makes for easy access to other parts of South America should you wish to venture further afield.   It’s definitely a must do “tick off the bucket list” kinda place!

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