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It’s hard to put your finger on it… is it the open friendliness that all people Irish seem to exhibit, whether simply asking them for the time or directions to the nearest pub? They are just so helpful and keen to assist. Or is it the dull recollection of last night’s festivities that leaves everyone in a permanent state of good hommie? Or maybe it’s just a really nice place full of happy people, whatever the reason, Ireland is a blast to visit on an incentive trip.

Dublin is Ireland’s centre of culture & learning, the bulls eye of Guinness production and a perfect place to take the craic. “Taking the craic” is quintessentially being Irish… it’s about having fun, conversing with mirth and generally having a great time… it’s about quick stepping music, wood panelled bars and generally a having warm attitude to strangers.

The poor Irish have had a lot to lament over the years including a serious lack of potatoes and jobs at various times, but the economy seems better today, Ireland seems proud of its progress, there is an optimistic feeling in the air.

I was lucky to be in Dublin when the temperature soared through 25 degrees, it was as if the whole city was celebrating. Every bar was bursting jovial patrons out onto the cobblestone footpaths, the Guinness was flowing faster than the Huka Falls… and everyone just seemed delighted…but perhaps that was just any ordinary summer weekend in Dublin.

Some critical highlights for a group visiting Dublin would have to be the Guinness factory where you can perfect the art of pouring your own black pint, Jamiesons the whiskey distillery which takes appreciation of this fine drop to the highest level, Trinity College with the Book of Kells, and of course the many classic pubs.

The hotels although relatively few are of a high standard, but one’s visit to Ireland would be simply incomplete without one’s very own historic castle stay for the night… Mine came with a pack of gun hounds, some birds of prey, a velvet smooth golf course, a couple of charming, ever-pleasant butlers and a very large dollop of Irish informality.

Ireland is not England and it’s not Europe, it’s its own identity, its own flavour, and it’s definitely worth the effort to get there to experience the craic for yourself.

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