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Bikes & People…….and there are a lot of them.   The constant horn beeping is something we kiwis need to get use to pretty fast when you first land in vibrant Vietnam.     Their use of horns is not in frustration, but to let others know they are there, and when you have 8 million people in Ho Chi Minh alone, that’s a lot of horn honking!

Walking across the road is an experience.  Once you step onto the road, keep walking, keep the same pace and whatever you do, never turn around and run back.    The Vietnamese are amazing at manoeuvring their vehicle “around you”.    You can discount the term “Asian drivers”, as they really are quite incredibly skilled.…….we could learn a few things from them!

I would describe Ho Chi Minh as buzzy and really fun to wander around.   You feel very safe, as there are so many people around and the locals are friendly.   If you are a foodie, then you are in heaven, the food is fabulous.  You can choose from high end culinary dishes in fancy restaurants to sitting on a little plastic chair in the middle of the street eating chicken & rice with the locals.     We stumbled across a tiny family run noodle house, where dad hand pulled the noodles, mum cooked them in the boiling broth and the daughter served them to you.   They allowed you to bring in your own beer to drink, so 3 bowls of freshly made noodles later, our total bill to pay was NZ$5.00.

Head a little further out of town and you can indulge in some culture.    At Cu Chi you can immerse yourself within the network of connecting underground tunnels.   Guides can take you through a series of tunnels as you twist and turn your body to get through and pop out at the other end – definitely not for the claustrophobic!     A ride down the Mekong Delta is also a highlight.   These tiny lean ladies have the strength of an ox as they guide you down the river.

Hanoi is north of Ho Chi Minh or a 2hour flight away.    Known for its French influences, the bustling Old Quarter where narrow streets are filled with shops, trades and street food is located in the heart of the city.     It is quite unique to Asia to have a lake in the middle of your town, which adds to the beauty of this area.     It’s a very pretty city and has an elegant feel to it.    Hanoi makes for easy access to Halong Bay, which is a 3½ to 4 hour drive away from Hanoi, but the road trek is well worth it.  I would definitely recommend a 2 night cruise.   You have many differing junk cruises to choose from ranging from luxury, budget to private hire.   They cruise over extremely calm waters, so seasickness is not an issue.    The trip includes a visit to a floating fishing village which is quite extraordinary, how these people live their lives without land is quite remarkable.    Kayaking and guided cave visits are also an option on your second day.    Dependant on what time of year you choose to cruise, the weather in Halong varies quite a lot, so be prepared clothing wise.

Overall, Vietnam has so much to offer with so many more places to visit such as Danang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, as well as being so close to Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and with its affordability you could easily be away for months.

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