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Now filled with big glitzy hotels, high end shopping complexes, casinos, bars, restaurants, including some Michelin star dining experiences.

Cotai is the main hotel strip – the Asian version of Las Vegas.   The hotels are of a magnificent scale with more being built as we speak.   Perfect for a quick weekend away or for a 2-3 day conferencing event, as the choices of hotel & conference room facilities are endless.

The cute little streets are still there but are a lot harder to find, as they are being swallowed up by the large scale complexes that are taking over.   However when you do come across one of these old altd streets, the charm can still be felt.   These areas are filled with tourist now, which is nice to see, but can get very crowded.     If touring, there are quite a few narrow streets, so I suggest using smaller vans to travel in would be the way to go, especially during an orientation around the township.

With the increase in popularity, the place is more vibrant and is a lot safer than back in the day when it was a quiet sleepy town.

I made a quick visit to the Coloane, - here you find the locals, the quieter streets, temples and Portuguese altd architecture.    Coloane still has some remnants of the old fishing village that it use to be, which makes for great exploring on foot.
While in Coloane, a compulsory stop at Lord Stow Bakery for their famous “Portuguese tarts”.   We timed it perfectly, because as we were leaving with our goodies, a queue of people had formed out the door and around the corner.

If you want something closer, Old Taipa Village is close to the Cotai area.   More for your Chinese snacks, restaurants and bars, so a good place to go to more so in the evening.

Last stop of course was to learn how to make the traditional Bloody Mary……at the St Regis Hotel, where they claim they have the best Bloody Mary in town.    I’m not a great fan of tomato juice at the best of times, but I sampled one and it was pretty good.

All in all, it was wonderful to head back to Macau to see how much it had “grown up”.

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