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Your average first timer might expect to see clapped out Ladas belching smoke, cabbage and spuds on every menu, a rough and tumble landscape and gruff inhabitants lamenting the weather. St Petersburg today could not be more different, it is a sensational visit.

Come and you will find a city endowed with gorgeous architecture, each building beautifully kept and presented. In downtown St Petersburg there are no hi-rises, no ultra modern steel edifices to get in your face, it’s all about historic architecture. Buildings are just 4 stories high, each with a splendid façade looking onto cobblestone streets. Slick, clean canals branch off the main harbour and meander through downtown. Long flat boats packed with wide eyed tourists glide these waterways, taking it all in. Nevsky Prospect is the main thoroughfare, a bold wide boulevard dissecting the city. It is flanked by lovely shops and busy bars. Coffee and beer is served just like you would find in Barcelona or any other European city. From Nevsky you can see impressive tall buildings scattered across all four corners of your vista. Bigger and even more impressive than their residential neighbours these spectacular churches dominate the skyline. Each one send huge arched rooftops adorned with a massive cover of bright shining gold high into the sky. This gold is spectacular, it really says I’m important, let me shine.

To pick just a couple to visit… the church of the Saviour on blood is a 5-10 minute walk along the Canal off Nevsky Prospect. It is a stunning example of baroque and neo classical alts with amazing mosaics. It’s definitely worth a visit. Then there is St Isaacs, the 4th largest cathedral in the world. It is big and bold, the big tough cousin of beautiful Saviour, stunning edifice inside and out.

Equally spectacular but for other reasons is the Hermitage Museum of art and culture…. Spread across 5 massive historic buildings and with over 3 million exhibits this attraction is an absolute must see in St Petersburg.

The St Petersburg underground metro system is something to behold. London, come take a look at what a clean transport system looks like. No-one eats or drinks on the metro, it is perfectly squeaky clean. And it’s not just a practical way to get around, it’s also beautiful, with statues and artistic features that would be right at home in any art gallery. Some of the enormously long escalators are fascinating to behold… transporting commuters a full 100metres beneath the streets.

This description is merely scratching the surface of what there is to see and do. Definitely put St Petersburg it on your to-do list


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