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The 17hour direct flight on Emirates is certainly do-able, as the airline is very comfortable, even in Economy class. The place had changed a lot since my last trip back in 2009 when the GFC had just hit. The new mecca of skyscrapers provide a nice mix with old Dubai. The contrasts were quite unique, yet in a funny way, it all works.

The Emirati men are immaculately groomed, and even though the traditional Abaya covers 95% of a woman, the detail of facial make up worn is a work of art. My local guide, Muhammad told me he goes to great lengths and spends a small fortune on his barber, who razor sculpts with precision his “perfect” goatee every week – these people take pride in appearance.

The dress sense, although still to be described as “conservative”, has relaxed a little over the years. I did see a few more expat ladies wearing shorts and sleeveless tops while out during the day. However, when out in public, I do suggest visitors be respectful of the culture and dress accordingly.

Dubai was buzzing again, tourists were back, especially in the hot spots such as Burj Khalifa Tower, The Dubai Fountains, Souks, Jumeirah Beach area and eateries. Wealth is everywhere, most noticeably with designer brands & cars. Where it is normal for us to see an abundance of Japanese cars on our roads, in Dubai, Ferrari’s, Porsches and Lamborghinis are the “go to” modes of transport.

85% of Dubai population are expatriates. Those I had the opportunity to speak to, all spoke very highly of working in Dubai and how well they are treated. They are able to earn a decent living and send the majority of their income back to their home countries. Many have taken the bold step and ventured to Dubai on their own, so the draw to find “your own kind” is quite prevalent here.

The weather was warm, my hottest day peaked at 41°C, but as it was a dry heat, it was surprisingly bearable. As long as you are aware of what to expect, you can be mentally and physically prepared for those hot dry temperatures.

I was fortunate enough to head out to Abu Dhabi and visit the Grand Mosque. Now I am not normally a great church/mosque kind of gal, but I have to say, it took my breath away. The sheer beauty and grandeur of the building both interior & exterior was mind blowing. I was also very pleased to see how respectful they were of the extremely strict dress code. You had to adhere to it, otherwise you were denied entry, and this scrutiny applied to both men and woman.

On one of my evenings, I ventured out on one of the Dune Bashing excursions. What an experience, the drive out is exciting & fun, however, if you do suffer from motion sickness, best you ask for the front seat. You end up at a dinner oasis set up in the middle of the desert where henna tattoos, camel rides & shisha pipes are all on offer. Food, culture & entertainment are all rolled into one unforgettable evening.

Dubai, is definitely worth a visit at some stage in your lifetime.

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