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No, dead true, it’s a fantastic little island with some real gems of ideas for an incentive group, or for that matter a corporate wanting a conference venue that most people will very likely never have been to. It’s a cracker little place and well worth the effort of opening your mind to. And for less than $3000p/p ex Auckland for a fully inclusive incentive programme Niue definitely ticks all the boxes.. price, unique activities, quality accom & food, 3 &1/2 hours away and climate.

Niue sits up there in between Tonga, Samoa and Rarotonga. Direct flights on Air NZ to this little rock of coral make access dead simple; the sun shines warm in our Winter, with the NZ$ there is no exchange rate to worry about, and it’s just a load of fun… and probably somewhere you’d never ordinarily think of for a small group corporate escape.

Scenic hotels have recently obtained the Matavai Resort and it’s the place to be. GM Simon Jackson came from Haast so has slipped into this tight knit community (just 1500 inhabitants on the Island) like a glove. I think he knows everybody on the Island and like a famous magician he’s the man when it comes to pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

An ideal incentive or conference group size for Niue is around 30 guests, although the Scenic Matavai resort with its 44 high quality rooms could easily handle a buy out of the whole place to look after as many as 88. As a buyout you’d honestly have the whole Island to yourself.. just how much fun would that be.

One of the striking things about Niue is that the people genuinely love seeing visitors, it’s a warm and welcoming place. There are no drugs on the island, there is no litter nor graffiti, there hasn’t been anyone in the 5 room jail for months (or is that years… no-one can remember). The golf course and lawn bowling clubs are right next door to the jail so duck in there too. Mark Blumsky (ex-Mayor of Wellington) is chairman of both clubs so he’s likely to invite you in for a beer.

A funny old story goes that the winner of Niue’s annual golf championship one year was in fact a very recently released prisoner. He’d had a lot of time to fill in while he was in jail so used to duck next door each day and practice his game… can you image that happening at Poremoremo.

Think fishing… scream Wahoo. The fishing is just outrageous in Niue. None of this roaring out in rolling seas for 2 hours to find deep water, just putter out 50 metres from the wharf and you are in 100m… midnight blue, crystal clear water crammed with giant sized tuna, Wahoo and Mahimahi. From the terrace at the Scenic Matavai Resort you can watch the boats trolling, dolphins dance in the bay and from July – September whales feel close enough to touch. I get seasick in the bath but in Niue it’s such a doddle to go fishing, so every group simply must include an option to fish. And a really big part of the fishing fun is when the whole island population appears at the wharf to welcome the boats in. It’s a public celebration, cameras click as the fish are weighed, the gantry strains as it lifts boats clean out of the water onto waiting trailers. The NZ High Commissioner is on hand overseeing the occasion, the chief of Police is there, and of course Simon from Scenic Matavai is there (so he can get the biggest and freshest fish for tonight’s sashimi)… in fact everybody is there, it’s just a fantastic scene, the kind of event we no longer have in NZ.

One thing Niue doesn’t have is a sandy lie-and-do-nothing beach. But that is more than made up for by the stunningly clear water chasms and tidal pools where you can snorkel and swim. There are no rivers on Niue so there is no silt in the ocean, it’s crystal clear. Diving and snorkelling is amongst the best in the world. You simply must get in the water in Niue.

It’s only 68km to drive around and explore the whole island and the Niue Tourism authority has installed the best information and signage system I’ve seen anywhere in the world to make your own exploration of the many walk-in sites off the main roads dead simple.

Niue, called “the Rock”, is actually a massive clump of coral all on its alone in the middle of an expanse of Blue Ocean, but in truth it’s a real gem in our South Pacific and well worth your visit.

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