GO Conference & Incentive


Wahoo! How lucky are we to have Samantha Dick start in our newly created role of “Head of Events and Account Management”. Sam is a huge addition to the team, not only has she got great experience but she is just a great gal who has fitted straight into the refreshed GOC&I environment!
To get to know Sam we did a quick fire Q and A with her….
Well I’ve worked with Sandy before and she just has so many skills and leadership qualities I want to take advantage of. She leads so openly and is so willing to share and coach her team. I am so looking forward to this new adventure. We are building a killer team and will take the event space in NZ to a whole new level.
Who inspires you? and you can’t say Sandy hahaha!
The people that I work with (including Sandy!). I get to work with passionate, enthusiastic, creative and extremely hard-working people every day whilst juggling their own personal goals. Life is busy and they are owning who they are!
One week in what’s the biggest surprise
Ah clearly the coffee machine! It rocks! I have been super impressed with Helloworld’s desire as a whole to take care of their people. When the CEO of a $ billion business frees up half an hour to take you and the team out for coffee in week one its says a lot about what Helloworld is trying to achieve.
Favorite place to holiday?
Mt Ruapehu! This takes me way back to when I was a little nipper and charging down the mountain on my skis. I have since switched to snowboarding however it is my happy place and nothing else matters with the fresh air, doing what I love and of course the mulled wine at the end of the day.
Biggest event you have managed?
There are so many that has a different spark of creating those special memories for me. I have a place in my heart for large outdoor events; the team, the vibe and seeing so many components coming together is just incredible!
Last book you read?
James Patterson – Mistress. I love his genre of writing and I never want to put the book down.
Favorite place to take a group?
Oh there are so many goodies, however I think it has to be Bangkok. The culture, large choice of activities, high calibre of hotels and of course the food is incredible.
Travel people always have a best kept secret what’s your Auckland best kept secret?
I am not sure if it is a secret as I didn’t grow up in Auckland but for me it is Orewa Beach. Being not far from the city, it is stunning and not too bad with a picnic on a beautiful summer afternoon.