GO Conference & Incentive


We are incredibly excited to be welcoming Kim Martin to the team as a Senior Event Manager/Account Manager.

“Kim is just one of those amazing people you meet and who you know you want to work with. Kim is one of those people who absolutely understands what it takes to be the best and deliver special events – Welcome aboard Kim!”

Sandy Botterill, Global General Manager, Go Conference &Incentive

Why GO C&I? And you can’t say the coffee machine!
When I spoke to Sandy, I just really connected with her vision. Sandy is an incredible leader and I am very excited to be working with her. I believe that events add such value to people’s lives, but we need to do more than that, we need to make sure they provide desired outcomes for the organisations that are investing in them. 
One week how has it been?
To be honest, really full on (but in awesome way)! I am really excited about the clients I am working with and creating the most amazing events next year. I was also so lucky to start the week of our Staff Conference and Christmas party which were amazing, and to top it off we had our Global CEO Andrew Burnes sitting with us for dinner, it was great to meet him and hear more about Helloworld.  
In the workplace, what’s your ‘superpower’?
My superpower is 'strong' which means that I am a really determined person who does everything I can to succeed (personally and professionally)
What excites you most about working in the event industry?
We create those ‘pinch me’ moments for attendees on our events. Whether it’s travelling to a new and exciting destination, achieving a business goal, or experiencing something they never thought they would ever do - it is really rewarding.
Favourite place in the world?
Event managers always have hidden secrets, what’s yours in Auckland?
The new SO/Auckland Hotel is very funky, and I recommend going up to their bar 'Hi-So' and trying one of their Jaffa Espresso Martini's ... My favorite restaurant is a little Japanese place on Manukau Road called Nippon Sake Bar – it has the BEST Japanese food.
What’s an average weekend day look like? 
Usually I would get outside and do some sort of exercise whether it be a walk or jog around Monte Cecila Park or Cornwall Park, or a gym class. I love spending time at my house or in a garden, I am very house proud! I do a regular weekend trip to Bunnings ... myself and my partner love having people around for a G&T and a BBQ on a sunny afternoon. By the time I have done all I want to do it is Sunday afternoon and I am watching a series on Netflix.
What is Santa bringing you for Christmas? 
Well just quietly I have my major gift already, I got a BBQ from my parents which we use all the time!